House to Turn Slowly on Wilton Hilltop

The stark steel skeleton framed by a cold iron-colored sky at left, and the photo above, depict the structure of an unusual home being constructed atop a bucolic hilltop in Olmstead Hill in Wilton by the Richard T. Fosters. They hope to be moving into the house early next year. In the center of the home is a huge ball-bearing made in West Germany and the rooms of the house will turn 360 degrees so the Fosters can enjoy any facet of the magnificent view of the rolling countryside. It was designed by Mr. Foster who is an architect. The family will enter the dwelling through the “core” of the structure. Electric power will swing the dwelling.

The core will contain a stationary hallway off which the various rooms will be located. The stationary section of the dwelling is needed for orientation purposes, explained Mr. Foster. There will be a living room, three bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and a den. A press of the button will cause the house to move to the desired position