Waiting To Roll – Wilton Roundhouse Will Orbit

Work On the new home being planned by the Richard t. Fosters of Signal Hill, Wilton, will begin in earnest soon atop the giant ball bearing for the house is nearly finished and will be shipped here from Germany.

Yes, it’s a ball bearing. It’s needed because the house which will be round, will be mounted on, it enabling the Fosters ‘to press a button and move the house on its axis to any desired view. The house will turn a frill 360 degrees.

It’s the brainchild of Mr. Foster, an architect who said in an interview that the view where the house is to be constructed demanded such a radical departure from the usual type home.

“We’ll watch the moon if we wish, or swing the house to watch a galaxy—or a sunrise or a sunset, or the apple orchard in bloom,” he said.

The site of the dwelling is atop Olmstead Hill in Wilton and commands a magnificent view. “It was the view that got us,” commented Mr. Foster, it was so beautiful any way one looked it was breath-taking-and we decided we’d have to take full advantage of it.”

The house will be framed of steel and will be of one story. It will be rotated electrically at variable speeds. The house will be raised so as to enable the family, or visitors to walk undernearth it to enter the “Core” of the dwelling, a stationary hallway off which the various rooms will be located.

“The stationary section of the dwelling was needed for orientation purposes,” said Mr. Foster The structure will contain a living room, three bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and a den.

Mr. Foster said he had many problems to overcome In designing the house but “I think I’ve taken care of them all.”

Mr. and Mrs. Foster have two sons, Craig, who attends Yale University and plays varsity basketball, and Robert, a student at Alliance College in Wester a Pennsylvania.

By mid-summer the Fosters expect that the frame work on the house will be up and settled on the big ball bearing.