Letter from Ølga Kudelka About Her Son’s Design

Ølga Kudelka

November, 1968

To: Mr. Richard Foster,
New York

Dear Sir,
You will be surely surprised to get a Letter from Budapest, the Capital of such a remote Country. I write You because I obtained from my Grandchild living in Canada, an Article of the New York Times / the date of which is unknown to me/ describing the revolving house designed by You.

You say in the Article, “Three buttons and a dial the family can change view by making house revolve.” As far as I know, this has not be done before in any Country” Now I should like to clear up this mistake, My Son, Architect Georg Kudelka, who deceased unfortunately very young in May 1964, had many Years before, I believe in 1960, the Idea to build a revolving Weekend House at our beautiful Lake Balaton, According to his design, the House had 2 sleeping recesses, a Living Room, a Terrace and a small Kitchenette. My Son had, however no private Capital and the State Sector didn’t realize the importance of such small revolving Weekend House at the Lake Balaton, with a wonderful Panorama.

As a mother, mourning for the Son, it was a melancholy news indeed to read that there exist a Place in the World, where it is possible to realise the Design of a young and gifted Architect. The first, however not execrated design was nevertheless that of my Son. The design is in my property.

I hope You won’t mind this Information.

Yours faithfully,
/Mrs. Ølga Kudelka /
pens. Architect

My Address:
Budapest XIV
Franc ia-ut 40/a