The Guardian

Back in the 70s, the Round House in Wilton, Connecticut, was so famous that it even appeared in an advert for Old Grand-Dad bourbon. “Pine forests, rolling hills, lakes and a house that rotates to take it all in… what more could you ask for?” said the ad, which graced the pages of Time magazine. Fast forward three decades or so and the Round House had fallen into relative obscurity – so much so that its current owners had hardly even heard of it before they decided to buy this ground-breaking home back in 2010.

“I found the house on a pop-up ad from Yahoo Mail,” says artist Rea David Tully, who shares the Round House with her husband, art critic and journalist Judd Tully. “I saw this little image and decided to explore it further, but we weren’t even in the market to buy a house and we didn’t even know where Wilton was.”

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